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Capital Campaign Management
The formula for success in a very competitive fundraising environment calls for a combination of skill, sensitivity, commitment and teamwork. This is the approach used by Fund Development Associates.

It’s been said that fundraising is the second most important activity in which not-for-profit organizations engage. The success of that activity is based upon the achievement of the goal, the satisfaction of the client and the pride each volunteer takes in having participated. This is the solution that Fund Development Associates brings to each client relationship.

The most important component of projects in which Fund Development Associates becomes involved is that they succeed! We measure this success by the results so that:

• Your objectives have clearly been achieved
• The established financial goal has been met…and
• The delicate, essential volunteer network of your organization
has been strengthened and rededicated to its mission.

Our services include Capital Campaign Management, Feasibility Studies, Governing Board Development, Annual Giving Programs, Public and Private Partnerships, Capital / Endowment Campaigns and more.

Serving non-profit organizations from Northern California, Bay Area, Sacramento and the Pacific Northwest.

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